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Re-send - ST290 DPU Depth unit on Seatalkng
06-07-18, 02:21 PM
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Rainbow Re-send - ST290 DPU Depth unit on Seatalkng

I re-send this post as maybe the old one was not sent.

I have a ST290 DPU, ST290 Graphic Displays, depth transducer connected to a depth POD, etc, connected via seatalk2. There are also a wind and rudder instruments connected to DPU via seatalk.

I have connected a seatalk to seatalkng converter. In the seatalkng network there is an Axiom MFD and two i70s displays. I have all the data in the seatalkng network coming from the seatalk/seatalk2 but there is no way for the Axiom and i7ps displays to show depth units in meters. It's shown in feets and when i try to change it to meters, it's replaced again by feets in a second or two.

Do you know why using meters as depth unit is not working?.

Thanks and regards.
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06-08-18, 07:39 AM
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[DG11]Re-send - ST290 DPU Depth unit on Seatalkng
Hi Jerocu
Further to my previous,

With a DPU in the system it is not going to work very well because of the interaction between ST290 and STng, within the DPU the unit selection is ST2 proprietary data that the converter and the STNG products may not understand, because they are current generation NMEA2000 compliant and SeaTalk2 used by ST290 predated that by a number of years.

The DPU is used to calculate and store settings for the ST290 Displays which do not do any calculated functions, they just repeat the data from the bus.

Our suggestion if you are combining the two networks, is to remove the DPU and use the ST290 displays purely as repeaters for the STNG system.

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