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[CA11] I'd like to view depth and COG together in one display
06-09-18, 04:54 PM (This post was last modified: 06-12-18 03:40 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] I'd like to view depth and COG together in one display
I have searched the Raymaine Forum and have learned some things - but have not found an answer to my question - Does Raymarine have one instrument or MFD that will display both depth and Course over Ground data together in one screen display?
I recently purchased a "like new" 23 foot trailerable solid fiberglass hull sailboat that has zero electronics or instrumentation - I mean nothing. I will use the boat mostly for day sails and weekend overnights in coastal waters near my home port. I do not plan to fish from the boat. I will not be racing the boat. I want to add the minimal electronics/instruments to gain basic functions - mounted VHF radio; magnetic compass; depth sounder display. I want to use a P79 in hull depth transducer. I have read on this forum that the i40 depth instrument should not be used with a P79 transducer. If I must consider a display instrument or MFD to gain compatibility with a P79 transducer, it would be nice to have the instrument/MFD display COG along with depth. I have studied the online web pages for Raymarine i50, i70, axiom7, etc., and can find zero information about customizing screen displays to show depth and COG. I will not be adding wind data transducers or motor data transducers or any of the other fancy do-dads that the i70 and axiom units for example make such great use of. If I had a VHF radio with GPS and GPS related data - can I interface the VHF GPS data with a Raymarine display instrument to add COG data to the display? Just wondering?
I want to add a few basic functions to my sailboat (VHF communications; depth data; heading/compass data) while not over complicating and unnecessarily driving the cost up for functions I will never use. Thanks.
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06-12-18, 03:54 PM (This post was last modified: 06-12-18 04:02 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] I'd like to view depth and COG together in one display
Welcome to Raymarine's Forum Gypsegym,

Within Raymarine's instrument product line, only the i70/i70S MFID has the ability to display both COG and depth. The pages of the i70/i70S may be edited or custom pages created both with regard to the number of data items display and with regard to which data items will be displayed. Should the T70278 version of the P79 be installed, then an iTC-5 Analog Instrument Converter would not be required as would be the case with the E26001-pz version of the P79 transducer. While some Raymarine VHF radios feature an internal GPS receiver, these VHF radios may not be used to supply GPS data to the system to support having the i70/i70S MFID display COG. However, should a NMEA 2000 GPS sensor (ex. Raystar 150 GPS sensor, etc.) be interfaced to the system, then COG, SOG, lat/lon, and time may be displayed on the i70/i70S MFID. The other option is to install an Axiom 7 DV MFD with a CPT-S transducer. I believe that you will find the latter option (i70S, T70278, SeaTalkng Backbone Kit, Raystar 150) to cost less cost, be easier to install, yet offer a significantly greater set of feature.
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