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[DG] [DG] Multiple Axioms Connections
06-11-18, 02:53 PM (This post was last modified: 06-19-18 05:24 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG] Multiple Axioms Connections
I am replacing a classic E series at the my sailboats binnacle with an Axiom Pro12 and replacing another classic E series at the Nav station with an Axiom( not Pro). New Quantum 2 radar too.

The Radar will be directly connected to the binnacle Axiom and the two Axioms will be connected with a sea talk hs cable. My questions concern the rest of the connections as I am trying to save installing some cable runs from the binnacle to the nav station because some cables are already installed.

1. Can my present sea talk hs be used to connect the two Axioms? Do I need change cable connectors? Are there adaptors?

2. Can I connect my NMEA 0183 inputs to the unit a the nav station instead of running them to the binnacle NEA 0183 cable? The only connection to NMEA I have is my AIS receiver output. Won't the AIS targets show up on the binnacle unit through the sea talk hs connection?

3. If I use a sea talk to sea talk ng converter at my nav station can I connect its seat talk ng output to the old sea talk cable which presently goes to the binnacle from the nav station. This would save me a new cable run. Of course, I would need to change the sea talk connector to one that would connect to the Axiom's NMEA 2000 connector. Is there a cable adapter that would work to do this?

Am I going in a good or not so good direction?

Thanks for your help.

That sea talk cable is only used so the Axioms can display
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06-19-18, 05:34 AM
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RE: [DG] Multiple Axioms Connections
Hi carlmk

Thankyou for your enquiry.

The two AXIOM will need to be connected via RayNet, so you will have to change the SThs cable. The cable and the connectors are different.

Simply connect the AIS NMEA0183 to the lower station AXIOM and RayNet will carry all the AIS Data to the cockpit mounted unit.

SeaTalk and SeaTalk ng are two completely different protocols and cables, STng having 5 cores and SeaTalk 3. The converter is only used to convert data from existing SeaTalk products to STng, once it is in the STng format, and connected to an AXIOM, the SThs will then share the converted SeaTalk data between the AXIOM dsisplays.

Additional information can be found here .

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