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Evolution AP not steering to waypoints without getting lost
04-14-16, 12:38 PM
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RE: Evolution AP not steering to waypoints without getting lost
(04-14-16 11:59 AM)Steve - Raymarine - Moderator Wrote:  First questions I would have with this is, what is the Response set at? Performance, Cruising or Leisure? Next would be the Speed Input setting with the latest software you have 3 options, Speed, SOG and Cruising Speed. I would recommend it be set to SOG with the e127 connected.

Cruising performance. I never made any changes to the speed input setting, so the best I can say there is whatever the default would be. There is no speed wheel installed, so I'm assuming it's using heading/GPS position to derive SOG. Are not both cruising speed and response settings part of the autopilot itself, not the MFD? Because the AP works fine by itself and worked fine when being steered by a C80 thru NMEA/ST out, it's only when adding the E127 into the equation that it started acting up, and only when steering to a waypoint. I never saw it do this when using GoTo cursor, but it's a tough call to say it wouldn't as it takes so long to go squirrely, it's plausible it may have eventually.

How speed input settings could affect it's ability to hold a straight line 5 minutes into it is beyond me, but that's not really the point I suppose. Also not sure how/why when it started doing this randomly after holding a steady line for a good 5 minutes and we were still probably 20 minutes away from the sole waypoint, it did the zig zags you can see, then settled in and went back to holding a steady line... that was a good 30 or so degree's off course from where it's programmed to go which would take us into shore in no time were we not watching our bearing. Yet when looking on the MFD, it still read that it was steering to the named waypoint off in the other direction. And to confirm, yes the rudder reference is correct, Port is port, SB is SB, and that was confirmed on that very trip before any problems displayed themselves.
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