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[CA11] ST60+, seatalk1, seatalk NG, ray55e, A70D and ST2000+
09-28-18, 10:05 AM (This post was last modified: 09-28-18 01:55 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] ST60+, seatalk1, seatalk NG, ray55e, A70D and ST2000+

Q1. I am not Grand Prix racing, just cruising and twilight racing mostly.
I’m really only looking at a speed range of about 3 to 6 knots where i’m Interested in a bit of accuracy. Is there a really significant benefit in multi-point calibration over such a small range (considering the cost of an MFID)?
A2. Indeed the i70/i70S MFIDs would be more applicable to a racer than a cruiser. those needing the highest level of speed accuracy would be advised to choose the i70/i70S MFID.

Q2c. If the heading data from the ST2000+ is not as good as data from a dedicated heading sensor, could you please suggest some suitable (preferably low cost) heading sensor options that would work with my system?
Looks like I would need another ST NG or ST 1 spot to connect it to. I think another ST1 to STNG converter might be best.
A2c. Unfortunately, equipment of the vintage specified is not designed to support multiple sources of any single type of data. Accordingly, should the ST2000+ be present in the system, then it must be the source of heading data for the system.
There are limitations to COG's ability to function as a substitute for heading data (i.e. when the vessel is stationary or maneuvering at slow speed, or under the influence of leeway (current or wind), then COG may not be representative of the vessel's heading). The slower the vessel's speed through water, the more it will be subjected to leeway effects, resulting in greater differences between heading and COG. For older systems such this which feature a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications backbone and lack an autopilot, it would typically be recommended that an EV-1 CCU, Airmar H2183, KVH AutoComp 1000, etc. be used for a heading source. The principal advantage of the EV-1 Sensor Core is superior heading performance, a single point of contact for support associated with the MFD and/or the heading sensor, and it may form part of a future autopilot upgrade.

Q2d. If I decide to stay with using the ST2000+ For heading data (down below option as described previously), I would make sure it s firmly held in position but does the orientation of the ST2000+ matter? That is would it have to be placed across the boat in a similar orientation as if it was on the tiller?
A2d. If not placed in the exact orientation, it would be necessary to realign the heading of ST2000+ to reflect the new orientation. That said, it is certainly possible that new location may have a different magnetic deviation associated with it, which would be unaccounted for unless the autopilot was re-calibrated for deviation in the new location. This proposed scenario is less than optimal. If seeking quality heading for the system, you may want to consider interfacing the ST2000+ to the system via NMEA 0183 rather than SeaTalk and then installing a quality heading sensor. If your simply looking for a data value to populate a databox or be used in a calculation where the results are not critical, then move forward with your proposed plan for the ST2000+. Further quantification of the effects of cannot be provided.

Q10. Are the ST60+ Graphic or A70D capable of displaying set and drift data? In the manuals, it doesn’t look like it for the graphic but it’s not clear about the A70D.
A10. The A-Series Classic MFDs support displaying Set and Drift both as a numerical values and via Tide Vector features. The ST60/ST60+ Graphic Display is not designed to support Set and Drift.

General comment: Please click here to view a FAQ addressing installations such as this. Of the equipment specified, please be aware then Raymarine can no longer service ST60/ST60+ Instruments (i50/i60 instruments are drop-in replacements), nor can Raymarine provide parts and service for A-Series Classic MFDs.
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