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[CA] [CA11] A97 MFD not showing AIS targets
11-19-18, 11:21 AM
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RE: [CA11] A97 MFD not showing AIS targets
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Wildwind,

Q1. MFD shows AIS icon on home screen as "Silent" even if I turn off Silent mode. The MFD alarms for AIS close targets, in line with AIS.
A1. LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software are not designed to neither detect nor control the Silent Mode state of third party AIS transceivers. By default, the AIS icon will denote that the third party AIS transceiver is in Silent Mode.

Q2. No AIS targets are shown on MFD screen, but alarming for targets correctly.
A2. It is recommended that you verify that the MFD is operating with LightHouse II v19.03 software (the final LightHouse II software update), and if not that its software be updated accordingly. When operating with the latest LightHouse II software, the AIS Overlay feature (MENU->PRESENTATION->OVERLAYS) must be configured ON within each Chart application page/pane in which one desires to view AIS targets. Additionally, the MFD must be receiving a GPS position FIX either from its internal GPS receiver or from an external GPS source (ex. Raystar 130/150 GPS sensor, etc.).
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