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[CA11] Revising system network

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[CA11] Revising system network
03-18-19, 12:43 PM (This post was last modified: 03-19-19 01:39 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] Revising system network
Thanks for your time to resolve the system wiring questions I have!

List of navigation/VHF system products onboard from prior owner:
1. ST60 Wind with R28170 Short Arm Vane
2. ST60 Tri-data
3. ST6000+ controller
4. 300 course computer with Type 2S linear drive
5. Raystar 125 GPS
6. 3015-100 NMEA Bridge
7. C95 MFD
8. 18” Digital Radome
9. AIS650 Transceiver with GPS antenna
10. AIS Splitter 100
11. ST to STng converter for C95 and AIS650
12. Standard Horizon Spectrum GX2350S VHF with DSC
Items 7 through 11 were added in Feb 2014 by prior owner according to Raymarine certificate 201402287498.

I traced the wiring shown in the attached block diagram “Ridenour & Ridenour Wiring 2-2014”. I think the NMEA-SEATALK-NMEA-STng interconnect was not done correctly and may be causing the intermittent GPS signals I see at the MFD. Shouldn't the autopilot should have a separate SEATALK network?

The attached block diagram “Proposed Revised Wiring by Owner” has separate SEATALK networks for the autopilot and ST/STng backbone. SEATALK #1 interconnects The 125 GPS, NMEA Bridge, 300 Course Computer and the ST6000+. VHF GPS Data In is provided by Bridge NMEA Out. 300 Course Computer NMEA is connected to C95 MFD for GPS data. SEATALK #2 interconnects ST60 Wind and Tridata, ST600R, i40 Wind (new component as repeater at Nav Station) and St to STng converter—a total of 5 SEATALK devices. SEATALK #2 connects to C95 via STng and does not carry GPS data. Is this block diagram done correctly?

Power to the VHF, NMEA Bridge, AIS650 and AIS Splitter are from the same C/B so that AIS data is transmitted and distress data available whenever VHF is on. Do you agree this is a good idea? Power to SEATALK #2 devices is from a separate 10 Amp C/B.

Please confirm that I can add an i40 Wind as a repeater at the Nav Station with cable D284 connected to SEATALK#2 as shown in the diagram.

Again, I really appreciate your help as I’m not familiar enough with the available documentation to feel confident about a correct answer. Correctly interconnecting these network protocols is a bit of a challenge.

NOTE: This thread included an updated proposed system diagram.

Mark Church

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.pdf  Ridenour & Ridenour wiring 2-2014 .PDF (Size: 50.88 KB / Downloads: 137)
.pdf  Proposed revised wiring by owner UPDATE.PDF (Size: 37.8 KB / Downloads: 124)
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