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[CA] CA11] Axiom Pro Touchscreen Lockout
05-16-19, 07:18 PM (This post was last modified: 05-21-19 10:54 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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CA11] Axiom Pro Touchscreen Lockout
We had a situation where the rotary knob on one of our new Axiom Pro MFDs stopped working after operating in rain and spray. We tried a restart to see if this would resolve the situation. On rebooting the unit it became totally useless due to spray hitting and activating the touchscreen. The unit could not even be turned off. These units do not work in touchscreen mode in rain or spray, yet by default when they start the touchscreen is active. Also it is impossible to adjust the screen brightness without activating the touchscreen.

Please consider adding an option to disable the touchscreen completely so that the unit will boot up with the touchlock engaged, and pressing the power button to bring up the screen brightness control will not deactivate the touchlock.

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05-21-19, 11:04 AM
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RE: CA11] Axiom Pro Touchscreen Lockout
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Type1,

Within a fully operational Axiom Pro MFD or Axiom/Axiom MFD operating with a RMK-10/0, when the Shortcuts menu is displayed (short press of the POWER button), the brightness control will be in focus. Prior to pressing any other buttons, should the operator rotate the UniController clockwise or counterclockwise, then the brightess of the MFD's screen will be increased or decreased respectively. As your system's UniController appears to have suffered a failure, it is recommended that the MFD be returned to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. Should the MFD's UniController not be functioning properly, then it would be necessary to disable the TouchLock feature to then adjust the MFD's screen brightness.

A feature request will be logged to consider maintaining the MFD's TouchLock configuration setting between power OFF/ON cycles.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
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