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[CA] [CA11] P79 transducer to Axom 7 DV problems
06-09-19, 02:48 PM (This post was last modified: 06-11-19 12:36 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] P79 transducer to Axom 7 DV problems
I recently purchased a Raymarine Axom 7 with Downvision.
I made this purchase with the plan to utilize my never installed raymarine P79 transducer. I verified with raymarine rep that this would work and that I need adapter cable A80485. Neither This adapter cable and nor one other adaptor that was incorrectly sent to me would work.

I spoke again to a raymarine rep after my second failed attempt and he said that my Raymarine P79 was not usable because it has a 6 Pin connector port. Is this correct?

He said I need to purchase another raymarine P79 transducer E66008 and then purchase adaptor A80484(7 to 9pin connector) is this correct? The product description on the raymarine P79 transducer that is has an 8 PIn connector.

Are there any downvision transducers that are comparable with the Axom 7 without an adaptor cable?
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06-11-19, 12:48 PM
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RE: [CA11] P79 transducer to Axom 7 DV problems

The technician which whom you last spoke may be correct. As indicated within the FAQ found here, the transducer product name (ex. B319 B260, B744V, P66, P79, etc.) identifies a family of transducers rather than a single transducer, each of which is designed for a specific manufacturer and fishfinder or instrument product offered by that manufacturer. As such, the transducer's product ID(s) should be used in determining compatibility / adaptability of the transducer for use with Raymarine's fishfinding products. Accordingly, should you attach a photo of the transducer's tag which clearly shows all information printed on the tag then we may be able to positively identify the model of P79 transducer owned and if/how it may be adapted for use with your Axiom 7 DV MFD. The Axiom 7 DV MFDs may be used with the DownVision or CPT-S transducers found here. These transducers may simply be plugged into the Axiom 7 DV MFD's Transducer socket. The Axiom 7 DV MFDs may also be adapted for simultaneous use with a DownVision or CPT-S transducer and a compatible 50kHz/200kHz transducer. The latter is often desired to improve bottom tracking performance while the vessel is operating at planing speeds.
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