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[CA] [CA11] Using the A50D
06-30-19, 04:27 PM (This post was last modified: 07-04-19 10:17 AM by Louise - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] Using the A50D
Hello to all. I just purchased an A50D for our pontoon boat. We previously had a Hummingbird unit. We used it mostly for GPS purposes so that we wouldn't get lost on big inland lakes. I tried to use the A50 yesterday for the first time. It showed a track line but no outline of the lake we were on in Georgia. It was just a track line on an orange background. Using the page out feature showed no outline of the lake like the Hummingbird did. If I paged out enough (I am in Georgia) it eventually showed the ocean. I never had to put sd cards or anything into the Hummingbird unit and it still showed inland lakes. Granted they weren't fishing maps or greatly detailed, but I was able to get a birds eye view of where I was and where I had been. I am not a navigation guru by any means but I was hoping this would do the same thing as the past unit. Have I done something wrong or purchased a unit not capable of this? Any help you can offer would be great. I love the look of the unit and really want to keep this. THANKS in advance.
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07-15-19, 06:27 PM
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RE: [CA11] Using the A50D
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mpdive12,

Like all marine MFDs, the A-Series MFDs were not designed to have cartography installed within their internal memory. These long retired MFDs were designed for use Navionics Gold, Navionics Platinum, and Navionics HotMaps cartography which had been programmed onto Navionics CF memory cards. These chart cards are no longer being produced by Navionics and a limited number of such chart cards have been distributed to its dealers. It is recommended that Radar Marine be contacted to purchase a Navionics+ CF chart card and that the be requested to populate the chart card with charts for the state(s) where the boat will be operated. Please be certain to tell them that the Navionics+ CF chart card will be used with a Raymarine A50D MFD.
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