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[TG] [TG11] RS150 GPS Firmware Update Failure
07-30-19, 01:56 AM (This post was last modified: 08-07-19 08:18 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[TG11] RS150 GPS Firmware Update Failure
I have just updated my Axiom Pro and hardware to v3.10.39 - Bermuda however the RS150 timed out and I am no longer able to see the RS150 in the update list and the status led is flashing red constantly. What options are available to force a boot loader and firmware update?

Also I am not longer able to select data sources. I am getting an error message stating the ITC-5 is incompatible. In additon the ITC-5 is constatnly showing an upgrade requirement even though it is upgraded to the latest (old) version. I had no issues with the previous LH3 software version so I am guessing this may be bug with Bermuda?

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08-15-19, 09:22 PM
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RE: [TG11] RS150 GPS Firmware Update Failure
Hello Mark,

Sorry you've not had a reply before.

There is a known bug with v3.10.39 where the ITC5 did indeed block data source selection. This has been fixed with an updated v3.10.42, so if you haven't already, I would get that updated version in.

Regarding the RS150: if the upgrade process stopped part-way through (as opposed to timing out at 0%) then you'll likely need to get the antenna to a Raymarine service centre. It is often possible to recover failed upgrades using an older MFD model (versions prior to Lighthouse 3 offered a lower-level software upgrade process) but this low-level upgrade process is not possible in LH3. If you have access to an LH2 or earlier Raymarine display then let me know what model and I can give you more details.

Usually if upgrades fail then the cause is either a malfunctioning network (e.g. some device transmitting excessive traffic and flooding the network, a high noise level, incorrect termination, a corroded connector etc.) or an unstable power supply. Unstable power supply is also the most common reason for red LEDs on RS150s, so if you have anything supplying charge to the system (motor, solar system, wind generator, impeller, AC battery charger etc.) then I would recommend disconnecting this and checking whether this makes any difference. Any one of those devices can lead to a power supply which is far from 12VDC and have been seen to cause problems in the past.


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