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[JH] [JH11] ITC-5 Wind Troubleshooting
09-04-19, 01:08 PM (This post was last modified: 09-05-19 01:31 PM by John - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[JH11] ITC-5 Wind Troubleshooting
I am attempting to troubleshoot my wind instrument/transducer and have followed the troubleshooting steps you have for the wind transducer. My systems in all SeatalkNG with the exception of Wind which utilized an ITC-5 (move to the NMEA2000 speed, depth, temp transducer last year and removed those functions from the ITC-5 - only Wind wires connected to ITC-5).

The behaviour experienced has been very inconsistent wind angle and speed readings. I have seen the wind speed read in the high 30-40s when in calm winds and zero when in 15 knots of wind (transducer seems to be in good shape, cups turning and angle pointing correctly). About 50-60% of the time, wind speed and angle are accurate.

Here is what I have found thus far through my troubleshooting
1) Tested the voltage at the base of the mast, all voltage levels read within spec on both the ITC-5 and transducer side). Again, this was done at the base of the mast where I thought I would be able isolate a cable issue on the ITC-5 or transducer side, but readings were normal.
2) During the testing, I utilized the ITC-5 to power the transducer which was reading 7.8x or 7.9x on my voltmeter. I expect this is acceptable.
3) Re-calibration from the I70 made no difference (system has 2 I70s, tried both with same/normal/successful calibration results)
4) When out sailing yesterday, I noticed the Wind speed was dropping to 0 in about 15 knots of breeze. During this time, the apparent wind angle seemed to be functioning normally which I believe may indicate a potential fault in the yellow wire.

Couple of quick questions:
1) Can you verify wind speed is carried on the yellow wire?
2) Can you let me know the size of the connectors that slide onto the ITC-5 spades? I would like to cut and re-crimp the ITC-5 side of the cable. Also, I am considering installing a temporary cable from the mast base to the ITC-5 to determine if that half of the cable run has any issues. It is probably 35 feet from mast base to ITC-5, would CAT5 cable work for a test like this? I do not have enough of the transducer cable (actually, may only need to do the yellow wire for this test since it seems to be a speed issue).
3) While my ITC-5 is connected to the SeatalkNG backbone, it also terminates the backbone (blue cable on one side, blue plug on other). I do not expect this to be an issue since it has worked fine for 3+ years, but just wanted to double check.
4) I would like to remove the ITC-5 from my network if I find a fault in the transducer or ITC5. Does Raymarine have any new options besides the ITC-5 or I60 to get wind to the NG network?
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09-05-19, 01:41 PM (This post was last modified: 09-05-19 01:42 PM by John - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [JH11] ITC-5 Wind Troubleshooting

Thanks for your post.

1. The yellow wire does carry the speed signal.
2. New Spade connectors can be ordered with part number Q085
3. New wind cable can be ordered separately as well with part number A28162 for 98ft and a new top of the mast connector on one side of the cable.
4. If trying to run just the yellow cable a Cat 5 cable is a bit too small but you could get the amount of 18 awg electrical wire to just test that one.

We are not offering any other wind solutions other then the model that goes through an ITC-5 or an I60 to get into an NG network.

Best regards
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