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[LW] [LW11] RAY240E VHF loud speaker problem
09-10-19, 07:28 AM (This post was last modified: 09-10-19 09:14 AM by Louise - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[LW11] RAY240E VHF loud speaker problem
I experience the following problem with my R240E VHF:

When the radio is turned on and the handset is connected to the bulkhead connector I can receive and transmit messages from the handset, but no sound comes out of the loud speaker. If I tune the radio to a local weather station broadcast and unplug the handset from the bulkhead connector no sound comes from the loud speaker.
If however I pull the right angle handset cord connector halfway out of the socket and wiggle it a little then full volume sound comes from the loud speaker but at the same time the display of the handset dies, so the handset cannot be used, while the speaker works.

In order to exclude a connector problem I have replaced the bulkhead connector with a connector from a new extension cord and spliced in on to the cable going to the base station and the loud speaker. The problem appeared first time about one and a half years ago and Raymarine serviced the handset at that time and also replaced the handsets cord and cord connector. After that everything worked for a year, but now the exact same problem is back again.

To check if the problem comes from my handset or its connector I have tested with a similar RAY 240 handset from another boat, where everything works. But this handset did not solve the problem with my loud speaker either meaning that the source of the problem with the loud speaker is probably not my handset.

What can I do to identify and solve this problem with the loud speaker?
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09-17-19, 09:30 AM
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RE: [LW11] RAY240E VHF loud speaker problem
Dear Erik,

Thank you for your post.

This sounds like a wiring issue somewhere, I recommend getting a dealer onboard to have a look. You can find your local one through our website here.

Many Thanks
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