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[TG11] Interfacing with Yanmar 3JH40 motor
09-10-19, 06:23 PM (This post was last modified: 09-11-19 11:46 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Wink [TG11] Interfacing with Yanmar 3JH40 motor
installing two new Yanmar 3JH40 engines on a Catamaran and wish to interface them to the Raymarine plotter (eS127).
This is a new engine and information is not available on the Raymarine ECI site. Can you confirm if this engine can interface direct to the Raymarine plotter exchanging engine monitoring information in NEMA format direct to the Seatalking data bus – or not, and if an ECI-100 is required (I understand it may not be with this new Yanmar NEMA interface.

Can you please confirm if this is possible and what connectors are needed.
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09-11-19, 09:35 PM
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RE: [TG11] Interfacing with Yanmar 3JH40 motor

I don't have any specific information on that engine. To the best of my knowledge Yanmars usually output J1939 rather than NMEA2000 data (J1939 being the SAE land-based heavy-machinery equivalent of NMEA2000), and the ECI100 is used in this case to translate J1939 to NMEA2000.

If the engine outputs J1939 then you'll need the ECI100 or another J1939-NMEA2000 bridge, whereas if the engine outputs NMEA2000 directly then the ECI would not be required.
If it's J1939 be aware that not all J1939 data and alarm types map directly to equivalents in NMEA2000 (no direct translations) and the J1939 engines that we've tested and listed as compatible with ECI100 are the only ones where we've checked that all of the important alarm types come through. On an un-listed engine, we can't be sure though of course with another engine from the same manufacturer it would be normal to expect it to be ok.

Regarding connectors, that depends what's supplied on/with the engine, which again I'm sorry to say that we have no info on. Usually engines or engine gateways use either a Deutsch-type or Devicenet-type CANbus connector: we do adaptor cables from Devicenet to STNG (


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