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[CA] [DG11] ST5000 plus faulty
10-01-19, 04:06 PM (This post was last modified: 10-02-19 02:30 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG11] ST5000 plus faulty

I have read a lot of thread about ST5000+ but it hasn't solved my problem.

Basically the AP rudder reference bar starts to slip even though the rudder is straight to stern. Whenever you switch the unit on it can be from dead straight to showing 10 even 30 degrees out, again with the rudder straight to stern. When the AP is then set to auto and under sail, eventually it puts a full turn in and has to be switched to stand by.

So I've tested the compass and rudder transducer according to links on the forum and the resistance readings are as expected. Which makes me think the AP unit has gone faulty.

Could it be the transducer?? I could replace that but if i then need to replace the AP, the new transducer has been a wasted purchase.

I have read that the ST5000 can be replaced by the EV-200. When I have researched this it seems I am buying 3 components and Im not sure if the is correct for my Bavaria 37. The kit I have seen includes a a P70s, ACU-150 and EV1 sensor core, are these the components I would need?

Would my existing rudder transducer, compass and hydraulic ram connect to these, also would this work with the ST60 wind and depth instruments? My plotter is an RL70c pathfinder but I not worried about connecting to that as I use Navionics on my iphone for navigation.

If there is a solution that combines a new AP with plotter that I can have on the helm I would also be interested but again will this involve changing all the instruments as I assume the uo to date equipment us a different sea talk.

Any help would be appreciated.
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10-07-19, 10:56 AM
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RE: [DG11] ST5000 plus faulty
Hi jonfinch,
Thankyou for your enquiry.

SO to be clear, the drive unit that you have installed is the mechanical linear drive attached direct to the rudder quadrant, you have a rudder reference unit, ST5000+ control head and a fluxgate compass.

The rudder display on the ST5000+ control unit should be very stable in STANDBY and move only when the rudder is moved. If the rudder position is moving even when the rudder is held stationary, then check the compass is working correctly and if yes, then the ST5000+ control unit has a fault.

To update this system, the components required would be the EV1 sensor, the ACU200 and a p70s control unit. The compass and the Rudder reference unit should be changed, the existing linear drive can be re-used - but worth checking or having it serviced to make sure the clutch etc are all still in good condition.

In addition to this, the new installation of the Evolution autopilot can be connected to the SeaTalk of your existing instruments through the E22158 STng to SeaTalk converter.

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