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[JB] [JB] What gauge is the wind transducer wire
05-21-20, 01:03 AM
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RE: [JB] What gauge is the wind transducer wire
Hello Barry,

I'm assuming that you're connecting these below decks. Connections in the mast will be quite bulky and prone to corrosion no matter what connectors you use.

Q-1. How many wires are in the cable (I have read 5 but only see 4)
A-1. There are 4 insulated wires and a shield around all of them to eliminate interference so 5 conductors in total. Make sure you get shielded cable!

Q-2. What gauge is the wire?
A-2. This is not critical, but a flexible wire would be better as it handles acute turns better and I think AWG14 or AWG16 would be enough as there is very little current draw. Something similar would be good.

Happy boating and kind regards
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