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Waypoint Acceptance
05-31-16, 09:28 AM
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RE: Waypoint Acceptance
Route planning only takes into account fixed hazards to navigation (i.e. underwater obstructions, navaids, above water structures, land, etc.). It does not take into account dynamic hazards to navigation (other vessels, objects floating in the water, etc.). It is Raymarine's position that no amount of route planning can determine in advance the risks of collision which may be present with dynamic hazards to navigation when underway at some time in the future. It is only through maintenance of a proper lookout that one may assess whether risk of collision with another vessel, debris, etc. exists prior to execution of a turn. Upon acknowledgement by the operator that it is safe to turn the vessel onto the new course, the Raymarine autopilot will then turn the vessel accordingly toward the route's next waypoint.
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