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Registering / Converting / Upgrading C-Map Essentials Chart Card
09-18-17, 10:35 AM (This post was last modified: 09-18-17 10:44 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Registering / Converting / Upgrading C-Map Essentials Chart Card
Registering / Converting / Upgrading C-Map Essentials Chart Card

This FAQ has been generated to address the following problems encountered by customers who have purchased C-Map Essentials chart card within their Dragonfly or MFD bundle:
- After inserting the C-MAP card in the display's memory card reader and then selected C-MAP charts from the Chart application's Chart Selection feature have been unable to view detailed C-Map cartography. This is because the C-Map Essentials chart card was locked and the customer was viewing the C-MAP global base map which is pre-loaded into all MFDs and Dragonfly Pro displays which have been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update. MFDs and Dragonfly displays interactively read chart data from a C-Map, Navionics, or LightHouse chart card which must be present within the display's microSD memory card reader.
- Customers are unaware of the free conversion from C-MAP Essentials to C-MAP 4D local.
- Customers are unaware the free conversion from C-Map Essentials to C-Map 4D local will erase all cartography stored on the chart card (including US and Canadian lakes and rivers) and then populate the chart card with the selected C-Map 4D local coastal (not including US and Canadian lakes and rivers) cartography.

The C-MAP Essentials card supplied as part of a MFD or Dragonfly bundle includes 3 large areas. For those not purchasing the US and Canadian C-Map Essentials chart card, please note that the card is locked and must be registered and unlocked prior to being used with the MFD or Dragonfly display. The buyer or the dealer must put the card into a PC (or C-MAP DPS), register on the C-MAP/Jeppesen website and unlock the one of the chart areas. Alternatively, the customer may choose to convert the chart card's contents to a C-MAP 4D Local area free of charge or to upgrade the chart card to a C-Map 4D Wide chart card.

The attachments below (provided by C-Map) address how to:
- Registering and unlocking your C-Map Essentials chart card ... unlocking is not applicable for US C-Map Essentials card; However, all C-Map Essentials chart cards should be registered.
- Converting C-Map Essentials chart card to a free C-Map 4D Local chart card
- Upgrading a C-Map Essentials chart card to a C-Map 4D Wide chart card

Should you have followed the procedures detailed within the attached instructions and encounter a problem with this Registering, Unlocking, Converting, or Upgrading your C-Map Essentials chart card, then it is recommended that C-Map's Support Team be contacted for further assistance.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1307]


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